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Local business expands across country

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Bellhops was started in 2012 on the campus of Auburn University before moving its headquarters to Chattanooga.

While the company works to help move students, young professionals and families with great service, they also have another goal in mind; to give good jobs to college students, in hopes of getting them the contacts they need to succeed after they graduate.

"We move thousands and thousands of people across the country," said Cameron Doody, Co-Founder, Bellhops. "We started out as a collegiate moving company, but quickly grew from that when non-students started asking for our services."
Doody tells Channel 3 they figured other campuses needed these services as well, so they expanded.

In 2013 you could find Bellhops in 48 different cities and only a few months into 2014, their growth more than doubled to 116.

"Now we're covering large cities and large universities. Our next step is to cover smaller universities and smaller cities," said Doody.

Doody says they currently employ over 2,000 students.      

"Because we had to employ so many bellhops during student moving which pretty much happens during the same month every year, we hired 100 bellhops in each city," said Doody.

Bellhops hires college students exclusively to give them working experience and a good paying job that works around their schedule.

"The bellhops can just check online to see which jobs are open, if it fits their schedule they work them, if it doesn't, they don't have to," said Matt Intemann, UTC Campus Director for Bellhops. "It really is the perfect college job because these guys are here because they chose to be here. We didn't force them, we don't make their schedule, they make their own schedule."

Intemann says as the director he gets internship credit hours, which provides him opportunities to learn how to run a business while he's still in college.

"I'm building a little moving company in Chattanooga basically. I'm hiring the guys. I'm making sure the jobs get filled and I'm getting the word out," said Intemann.

The word is getting out fast.

"We knew we had something special. We really did. But I can't say we knew it would grow this quickly," said Doody.

Doody says they hope to have Bellhops in 250 cities by 2015.

Bellhops is hiring for the next two months as they prepare for moving season.

If you would like more information on the company, click here.

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