Eleven individuals have pleaded not guilty to charges alleging involvement in a meth manufacturing ring in a Knoxville court this past week.

In total, a federal grand jury indicted twenty people for their parts in a meth manufacturing ring in Knoxville and several surrounding towns and counties.

The 26-count indictment was filed February 19th, and names the following people as charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine:

  • Linda F. Pesterfield, 40, Sweetwater
  • John G. Roberts, 38, Sweetwater
  • Jeremy T. Palmer, 36, Loudon
  • Adam W. Normam, 33, Lenoir City
  • Randy P. Brewster, 19, Sweetwater
  • Mandy L. Moser, 36, Sweetwater
  • Ebony L Gallaher, 27, Lenoir City
  • Phillip B. Richardson, 23, Philadelphia
  • Christy J. Givens, 39, Lenoir City
  • Robert L. Smith, 27, Lenoir City
  • Tracy D. Lowry, 31, Lenoir City
  • Sherry R. Barr, 45, Lenoir City
  • William C. Crew, 32, Philadelphia
  • Eugenia D. Taylor, 31, Lenoir City
  • Kenny R. O'Dell, 34, Lenoir City
  • Miranda R. Lankford, 32, Lenoir City
  • Cynthia E. Rowe, 35, Lenoir City
  • Amanda R. Spencer, 23, Knoxville
  • Lester S. Willis, 61, Lenoir City
  • Joshua L. Ferguson, 30, Loudon

In addition, Pesterfield, Roberts, Palmer, Norman, Brewster, Moser and Gallaher were also indicted on charges of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Palmer and Roberts are also indicted on several firearm violations.

An investigation shows that the people involved bout pseudoephedrine at local pharmacies with the intent to manufacture meth at various places around Sweetwater, Lenoir City and Loudon.

If convicted, each person involved faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10 million.