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Where is President Obama?

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(KFOR)  Have you seen President Obama?  He's about six feet tall and made out of wood.

An Oklahoma City woman was using a life-sized figure of the president she made herself for school and library presentations, and now she is asking for help to find him.

Karole Stout is an artist and educator. She hand-paints life-sized historical figures made out of wood.

She then uses them to make history come alive.

"I thought if I could get people to see what the people look like and how tall they are. That it would make it a lot more interesting for them,"  Stout says.

Now she is missing an important player in her presentations.

President Barack Obama is missing. It happened last Monday night after a Black History Month presentation at Full Circle Book Store in Oklahoma City.

"Left him standing by the car," Stout admits.  "I left him in the parking lot because it was so dark."

It was an accident, but when she called the store and surrounding stores no one had seen the president.

Now she hopes somebody knows something and will return him.

 "I know I have a presentation next month so I have to have it him. If I can't get him back I'll have to paint him again, but he was beautiful," she says.  "I want him back."

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