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Pizza Prank Goes Bad

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FERGUS FALLS, MN (KVLY) -- Over the weekend hundreds of pizzas made it out the doors of Domino's Pizza in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.  It's a constant race to stay on top of the calls and get the pies out in a timely fashion.

"Some people don't understand how much effort I put into going out there and trying to make a living and make people happy," explains Gabrielle Fietzek, a delivery driver for Domino's Pizza who attempted to deliver the pies.

Fortunately the Domino's Pizza has employees that care. Unfortunately a prank has set this shop back nearly 300 dollars.

"$297 and some change," says general manager JoAnn Robinette.

20 pizzas ordered to an ex-girlfriends house isn't funny in the least according to local police.

"It's not a victimless crime. There's a lot of people who work hard at their job to make that food," says Officer Nathan Lien of the Fergus Falls Police.

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