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Hamilton County commissioners reverse vote on speeding cameras

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (Times Free Press) -

Hamilton County Commissioners today held a revote and reversed a controversial motion passed last week that would allow sheriff deputies to acquire two officer-operated traffic cameras to clock and take video of speeding drivers. With the devices, the officers could have a company, Applied Technology Partners, mail $50 civil tickets to vehicle owners without pulling the drivers over.

Sheriff Jim Hammond told commissioners last week the cameras would mainly be used on narrow roads, school zones, construction areas and other areas where it is dangerous for officers to perform traffic stops.

One quarter of the proceeds from the tickets were supposed to pay for a countywide drivers education program, but Commissioner Larry Henry said today the funding mechanism was not feasible for the scope of the proposed program.

The motion passed 5-4 last week, but after commissioners took a week to review the resolution — and hear from constituents — the motion was denied today in an 8-1 vote. Only District 5 Commissioner Greg Beck supported the resolution, citing officer and student safety.

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