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City of Fort Oglethorpe fails to approve a Council chosen charter

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The City of Fort Oglethorpe failed to approve a Council chosen charter for the city to follow.

Last year District 53 Senator Jeff Mullis formed a review committee to look over the city's charter and power structure, that was after the sudden firing of the police chief, the public works director and the city manager.

The charter will now be submitted for recommendation to the General Assembly, and will be presented as a House or Senate bill.

Steve Cooper is chair of the State Review Committee, and while the mayor and some residents disagree, he says the city brought the intervention on itself, and it's time to focus on the next step.  "We need to work as a team on this, otherwise we'll see what we saw tonight.  Disgruntled people offering their complaints.  Time to heal up its wounds and look to the future."

Mayor Lynn Long, Fort Oglethorpe, "We will have had the state legislature say boys and girls this is your charter.  You don't get to vote on it.  I don't like big brother telling me what to do."

The charter will be presented to the state legislature within the coming weeks.  Right now it's under review by a group of state lawyers.  It will then have to be approved by the Governor.

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