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Avondale couple: Its time to step up

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Chris and Dorothy Rolle have gone through their fair share of adversity while serving children in the community. Recently, their shelter was damaged from the winter storm.

"It looked like a tornado had hit it. The steel poles, metal poles had been bent in half," Chris Rolle says. "Sixty feet of tent was just totally collapsed."

However, thanks to the help of virtual strangers a more permanent solution is in the works. For now temporary tents will do but that's on the bottom of a long list of priorities for the Rolles. While their bus stop breakfast has given new hope to area children they say there's still a need.

"I just don't know what's going to happen," says Dorothy.

Saturday morning a 7-year-old was hit by a vehicle near their home, but he's expected to be ok.

"It happened right between those two telegram poles," Chris explains. 

Just one week ago on Presidents Day, a 16-year-old teenager was shot while inside an apartment just a couple blocks away.

"We've got to take our streets back. We got to take our neighborhoods back and I don't mean in a violent way. These are our children, if we see our children doing wrong we got to step up and let them know. This is not the way we were raised Miss Newland," Chris says. 

While city administrators focus on new programs and initiatives to fight violence and promote education the Rolles believe the real change will happen in the homes and streets of their neighborhood.

"I'm not asking the city to solve our neighborhood problems. Its time for us, as individuals in the community in the neighborhood to step up," Chris says.

The Rolles say they're feeding more students at their bus stop breakfast every week and each time they learn there's more of a need now for compassion, caring and dicipline than ever before.

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