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UAW files appeal with National Labor Relations Board

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The controversy surrounding the United Auto Workers and Volkswagen has taken another turn, just a week after workers voted against unionization.

On Friday the UAW filed an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board, citing "interference by politicians and outside special interest groups."

"Threats against the company and threats against the workers were what shifted things," said Dave Flessner.

After VW workers voted against UAW representation by 86 votes, UAW President Bob King vowed the organization won't give up.

"We're going to sit down with our legal department and our leadership council and we'll make a collective decision together on what are our next steps," said King.

On Friday the UAW announced its next step, filing an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board.
It claims politicians and outside special interest groups interfered in the election.

"The complaint with the UAW in this case is against Politicians, Republican members of the House and Senators who said they might not provide as much incentives for UAW to expand if the union came in," said Flessner.

Times Free Press business editor, Dave Flessner says the appeal process could take time, and will end with either a new vote ... or the appeal being overturned.

"Even if they are successful in this, getting a new election would still have to go back to the workers again and the majority workers would have to vote to join the UAW," said Flessner "They lost by 86 votes before, they would have to turn around some of those votes and get more support than they had in the first election which may be difficult for them to do seeing they were not initially as successful as they anticipated," said Flessner.

If their appeal isn't accepted, Flessner says the UAW can come back in a year and try to again.

"Certainly as indicated they're not going away. They've said before that it took them 7 years to get Ford in the early days.  They have a presence here in TN, in Spring Hill and they're going to be here for a while," said Flessner.

While the UAW lost the first time by 86 votes, 200 eligible people did not vote and would be able to vote if a new election is held.

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