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Human trafficking a continuing problem in Tennessee

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Human trafficking continues to be a problem all over the world even right here in Chattanooga.

The TBI released a follow-up study this week to the 2011 report on human sex trafficking and its impact on children and youth.

It's estimated to be a 32-million dollar industry.  The follow-up study profiles minor sex trafficking cases of Tennessee counties and shows comparisons between cases reported from law enforcement and non-law enforcement responders.

The study found that of 941 respondents to the 2011 survey, 49-percent were from rural Tennessee counties.  And in those cases, more of them were reported by social service respondents than by law enforcement respondents.

The study also found 26-to-100 cases of minor sex trafficking were reported in Hamilton County.      And in Bradley County, 16-to-25 cases were reported.

The organization is encouraging people to remain informed about the issue.   And that the bills are time-sensitive and moving quickly through legislation.  The next couple of weeks are key to make sure legislation gets passed

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