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Dade County replaces Tobin as School Superintendent

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Shawn Tobin Shawn Tobin

Shawn Tobin's reign as Dade County Schools Superintendent has ended two months earlier than expected.  School Board members met Thursday night and reached an agreement to replace Tobin with former Dade Elementary principal Cherie Swader, effective immediately.

Swader said she considers herself as an interim leader at this point, and it is too early to say whether she will be a candidate for the permanent position.  Tobin was hired ini late 2010, and became head of the school district in June 2011.  He had announced plans to retire at the end of April, but four of the five Board members reportedly wanted him out sooner.

Neither Tobin, nor Board chair Carolyn Bradford have responded to our calls for comment.

Swader said that Tobin introduced many good educational initiatives, and that Dade County Schools will finish out the year on a high note.

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