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American Red Cross prepares for severe weather

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"We're just trying to prepare for the unexpected. Could it be just rain that hits our area, could it be tornadoes or straight line winds? We don't know," said Greg Waite, SETN American Red Cross Executive Director.

The Red Cross isn't taking any chances.

"In our terms of preparedness it's getting call downs, getting volunteers on standby, determining locations in case we need to open shelters, making sure trailers are ready with supplies," said Waite. "We want to make sure that whatever pops up we can meet the need in the timeliest way possible."

However, Waite says the Red Cross hope others will prepare too.

"We've learned in past years that tornadoes do a lot of damage in our community. We want to make sure people don't have to face that, but if they do face it, if it's going to happen in our community, we want to make sure every person walks away without injury and especially loss of life," said Waite.

Waite encourages everyone to locate a safe place in the event of bad weather.

"Go to some place that doesn't have any windows or doors, like a bathroom or a tub, think about just taking some pillows with you in that tub just to protect and cover your head," said Waite.

But Waite says you shouldn't go to that spot empty handed, especially without a tool to keep you informed.

"Whether it be a T. V., radio, a weather radio or we've even got weather apps people can take along, the idea is to keep yourself informed of the changing conditions around you so you can further insure your own safety," said Waite.

Other items encouraged in an emergency kit?  Water, food, flashlight, a first aid kit and cell phone, just to name a few.

"If everyone will just take a few minutes and walk and talk, we're going to make it through as a community all right. It's when we're not prepared and we're caught off guard that we run the risk of possible loss of life," said Waite.

Don't forget about adding your pets to your safety plan as well.

To get more info on how you can better prepare, click here.

To keep yourself updated on the latest weather, you can download our weather app for iPhone and Driod. It will alert you if there is a severe weather warning in your area.

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