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Delays test patience along Red Bank's Ashmore Avenue

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     Red Bank's relatively quiet Ashmore Avenue neighborhood belies the storm of controversy that now engulfs it, a proposed 300 unit apartment complex, set to be built next to the existing Ridgemont development.
     Jon Baker, who lives right below the potential construction site, is worried. "A project like this, if not done right, will kill property values."
    "I know its going to degrade our community tremendously, Ashmore Avenue cannot accommodate any more traffic than it already has," says homeowner Jim Webster.
    "For a developer to come in and not have to bear the cost of having to upgrade our roads is ludicrous," opines Baker.

     Both Baker and Webster are against developer Jay Bell's building plans for the property, and both were less than pleased to hear Tuesday night's rezoning hearing was postponed for a second time at Bell's request.

     And while Baker likes the idea of a new five person zoning review board to investigate the potential impact of the proposed apartments, Webster is cautious; "I found it interesting that none of the citizens that live on Ashmore were included in the group," notes Webster.

    Baker suspects the developer's deep pockets may drown out the numerous voices of opposition against the proposed apartments, " Just like the project in Hixson, we'll fight the good fight, but eventually, somewhere somehow, the development will go in," laments Baker. 
    Meanwhile, Webster believes if the apartments are built, current homeowners will leave, "Some folks probably can't afford to move, we have some elderly folks that have virtually been here all their lives, and I know they certainly don't want to move, they have sentimental attachments, family in the neighborhood, so they probably won't but some of us will," predicts Webster.

    Both men and other interested parties must await the next rezoning hearing, now slated for March 18th at Red Bank City Hall.

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