UPDATE: The family of Michael "Paw" Franks is still searching for him.

According to a news release from the Dalton Police Department, Franks is considered missing.  

The DPD received several leads on his whereabouts last week, ranging from Rome, Georgia to Marion County, Tennessee and a few points in between.

None proved to be fruitful.

Franks' family is offering a $300 reward for information about his whereabouts. They still believe that he may have been trying to get to Knoxville, Tennessee.  

Anyone with information about Franks' whereabouts is asked to contact Dalton Police Department Detective Matt Lowery at (706) 278-9085, extension 133.

PREVIOUS STORY: Police are asking for help locating a man that has been missing from North Georgia since Sunday.

Michael "Paw" Franks hasn't contacted his family since. The 48-year-old left with $700 and has been spotted in different areas throughout the region -- from Dalton to Chattanooga to Kimball, TN.

Police believe he could be traveling in the direction of Knoxville, but no one has been able to track him down.

"I just don't want him being cold or hungry," Christan Mauldin, Franks' daughter, said in between tears Tuesday. "I'm worried."

It's not the first time her father has run off, Mauldin told Eyewitness News her father has medical problems and may not know what he is doing.

"It's only whenever 'the voices' have taken over, and he's off his medicine," she said.

She said Franks is schizophrenic, and she's worried he is putting himself in danger. She learned he wasn't taking his medicine, and believes he is in an episode.

"I just want the public to know that he is a danger to himself," she said. "He is liable to just jump out in front of a moving vehicle."

Franks' neighbor, Dorothy Hayes, was one of the last people to see him Sunday night. He took a cab with her to the local laundromat.

"He came in with me, then told me he would be right back," Hayes said.

A cab picked up Franks from the Auto Zone across the street. His cell phone was later found at the Greyhound bus station in Chattanooga.

Franks told his daughters he wanted to go to Knoxville, but police say someone spotted him in the opposite direction.

"Someone who saw one of the news reports contacted our investigators and said he was spotted in Marion County," said Bruce Frazier, Dalton Police Dept.

A woman said she saw Franks at the Kimball McDonald's, looking for the nearest bus station. She said he may be carrying a pink floral backpack.

Now his family is hoping someone will recognize him and get him to come home.

"If he's out there and he hears this, I just want him to know it's OK to come home, it's not too late," Mauldin said. "We're not going to give up on him."