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91-year-old driver charged in Shelbyville police chase

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Leecil Sudberry (Photo from Shelbyville PD) Leecil Sudberry (Photo from Shelbyville PD)

What should have just been a standard speeding ticket has turned into a big mess for one man. Police ended up chasing a 91-year-old driver for miles who said he didn't stop because he couldn't hear the sirens.

Leecil Sudberry was clocked by Shelbyville police as driving 20 mph above the speed limit on Union Street.

Then, with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring, officers chased him all the way out to the edge of town.

The whole time, they say, Sudberry made no attempts to pull over.

And it turns out Sudberry wasn't supposed to be behind the wheel at all.

"You'd think that, hopefully, some of his family members would be helping him with that, like, 'Hey, it may be time to give up the keys and get some other ways to get around town,'" said Shelbyville driver Bruce Kraph.

Sudberry is charged with felony evading police, along with citations for speeding and driving on a suspended license.

Police allowed a family member to bring Sudberry in for booking instead of putting him in handcuffs. And instead of placing Sudberry behind bars, they issued a criminal summons.

In a statement, the Shelbyville Police Department said:

"It's just a sad situation. Unfortunately, he was on the road and shouldn't have been. The Department of Safety suspended his license and obviously there were some safety concerns for the general public."

Bottom line, you need a driver's license, shouldn't speed and can't ignore police.

Still, neighbors like Katrina Anderson said police should give him a break.

"I think it is a little much to charge him with that. I think he's a little too old to be going through the criminal justice system," Anderson said.

Sudberry is scheduled to appear in court on March 4.

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