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TDOT hears fewer complaints after making Signal Mtn. ramp changes

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The current phase of the Highway 27 Project has caused some traffic headaches, especially around the new Signal Mountain exit. But TDOT says it has made some changes to help with all the congestion.

TDOT spokesperson, Jennifer Flynn, tells Channel 3 the traffic signal timing at lights surrounding the exit have been changed.

She said workers have also created more room on the ramp to allow more space to get on the exit, and police have been seen directing traffic during rush hour.

"In the past couple of weeks we haven't heard nearly as many complaints as we were at first," said Flynn. "It seems to be helping quite a bit."

Driver, Chris Porter, said he's noticed a difference.

"Right when it first started, it was pretty bad," he said. "The lines were pretty backed up, but here lately, it hasn't been as bad."

The current phase of the reconstruction project is expected to be complete by March 31st. That's when the current ramp will be a single-turn-only lane towards Dayton Blvd.

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