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"Tonight Show" returns with Jimmy Fallon as host tonight

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(NBC) Tonight marks a historic moment for NBC as Jimmy Fallon becomes just the sixth host of "The Tonight Show" in 60 years.

Mark Barger sat down with Jimmy and his predecessor Jay Leno to talk about passing on the show to a new generation, and bringing it back to it's New York roots.

"It doesn't get bigger than 'The Tonight Show'. This is the job of your lifetime," Fallon says.

Fallon's "Tonight Show" predecessor is confident the pressure won't get to him.

"The people that make the best hosts are the ones who've actually had contact with an audience, like Jimmy," says Jay Leno.  "A lot of guys have come from radio or something and they do these things and they don't have that, they don't make that connection."

Fallon already has a connection to the show's past.  

His brand new set will be in the same 30 Rock studio where the "Tonight Show" spent its first two decades.

"The set is gorgeous.  It's a work of art, it's beautiful," he says.  "It's classy it's glamorous.  Everything that New York City is."

Tune in for "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" tonight at midnight, a special time after the Olympics.

Next week Jimmy will be back at "The Tonight Show's" regular time of 11:35 pm.

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