Authorities in McMinn County are investigating a deadly shooting.

It happened Wednesday at the Striker Winery in Athens, Tennessee.

"The kids come walking right through here behind the house. They just said ‘can you take us to the hospital, we've been shot,'" said neighbor who wished to remain nameless. "He said my sister has been shot twice, and I've been shot once."

A neighbor to the Striker Winery tells Channel 3 he has known the two teenage victims for over a decade and after learning they'd been shot, he wasted no time rushing them to the hospital.

"You see I didn't know what had happened, I never heard gun shots," said the neighbor.

The teens told police they had been shot by their father, Stanley Striker.

"As we investigated the scene we did find that it appeared that Stanley Striker, the owner and the father of the two kids 16 and 17 had unfortunately shot both of them," said Sheriff Joe Guy. "Mr. Striker at some point there after took his own life."

This event brings back memories for Athens residents who remember when Stanley's wife, Patty Striker was mysteriously shot and killed inside the winery in 2000.

Nearly 100 investigators worked the case, but no one was ever convicted.

Authorities say it's too soon to know if this shooting has any connection to the case in 2000.

"We're looking at any possibility of a connection, so far there have been none but we're still looking into the opportunity to dig a little deeper," said Sheriff Guy.

While those who know the family long for closure in both cases, they're most worried about the children left behind.

"It's just a tragedy, I hate it real bad," said the neighbor. "I just want everyone to pray for those kids."

The two minors were taken to an Athens hospital, then transported to Chattanooga for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities have not determined a motive in the case, but say the investigation is ongoing.