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Whitfield County cleaning up wintry mess

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DALTON, GA (WRCB-TV) - It was in the 40's most of the day Thursday, which helped melt most of the snow off the roadways in Whitfield County.

The sheriff's office says there has likely been one weather-related death. Investigators believe hypothermia is likely to blame for a Dalton woman's death Wednesday morning.

It's been a hard few days for folks and most say they're just ready for things to get back to normal.

In Whitfield County it was three straight days three of salting, plowing, sleeting and snowing. Now that the winter storm has passed, county workers are spread out removing what's left of the snow.

"We're just trying to clear the roads and clean the sidewalks so that way people can get back to some sort of normalcy and get back to working," Whitfield County employee Christopher Cooper said.

And Mother Nature is doing her part to help cleanup the several inches of snow she left behind.

"The sun is heating up the concrete an pavement and causing it to melt underneath and making it into slush. It's making it easier to scrape," Cooper said.

"Everything's great today. It's not really what you'd call icy," Whitfield County employee Chuck Fetzer said.

But not everyone is glad to see the snow disappear.

"We usually never get snow, so this is nice," high school student Matthew Oneill said.

"The last time we had it we were in sixth grade. Now we're in ninth," Katy Buckner said.

The wintry weather caused Whitfield County and Dalton Public Schools to close the last few days, leaving the kids to just have fun with it.

"Sledding and having fun," Oneill said, "not missing school at all."

Whitfield County Schools are closed again Friday.

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