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Snow Forecast, Got Milk, Bread?

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   With snow in the forecast, you know what that means! That time-honored Tennessee Valley tradition of running out to the local supermarket and getting your milk and bread, it's officially underway!

   "It's going to be historical, and like apocalyptic" jokes Andrea Taylor. "She came downstairs saying the news was saying basically it was the end of the world so we figured we might as well go get some stuff," says Andrea's husband Rich.

    Which is why we found the Dalton, Georgia couple out and about at their local Bi-Lo on Glenwood Avenue, in the bread aisle. "Exactly, the desolate bread aisle," snickers Rich. "We're both from California originally," quips Andrea, "so we're still not used to the snow."

     But they, like Jerry Smith know the routine, a predicted snowstorm means "I'm shopping and doing a little shopping for my mother, she can't get out so I go and take care of her," says Smith as he peruses the store's remaining bread choices

     Luckily for Jerry, Andrea and Rich, the shelves, while a bit thinned, are not totally bare.

    What about milk, do we care about milk? "Yeah, well I need it for my coffee," laughs Andrea.


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