Snow began falling in Ringgold around 4 a.m. Tuesday. The snow melted as nearly as quickly as it fell. However, the biggest problem happened on the Interstate 75.

A portion of I-75 South was grid-locked for a couple hours Tuesday morning as crews worked to cleanup a wreck involving an 18 wheeler.

Law enforcement on the scene tell Channel 3 the slippery conditions caused the big rig to overturn, spilling fuel across the interstate. Traffic was re-routed through downtown Ringgold to avoid the mess.

By midday traffic was moving smoothly, the snow was nearly gone but drivers say you can't be too careful, especially around other motorists.

"I start watching out a lot better," driver Charles Lancaster says. "I'm more worried about them than myself because I'm going to go pretty slow, not going to get crazy. I've learned that lesson over the years."

With more snow in the forecast GDOT and Ringgold Public Work crews will be out in full force treating the roadways.