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Bradley Co. road crews hold off on salting early

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There was snow falling in Bradley County Monday, but the county road department didn't send the salt trucks out just yet.

TDOT was out pre-treating state roads and interstates Sunday, but county road department officials said they're waiting for the snow to stick, and that pre-treating roads can sometimes be a bit of a waste if the pavement gets wet before the snow hits.

Bradley County Road Department was busy getting vehicles ready to fight ice Monday afternoon.

"We're about ready as we can get for it," said Tom Collins, road superintendent.

Since Monday's snow was melting as it hit the ground, Collins said there was no need for trucks to hit the roads.

"If you're going to have a snow where it's going to be raining before it snows, then it can be a waste in that situation," said Collins.

He said crews were waiting for temperatures to fall below freezing.

"It's not going to be a problem until the temperature drops down to freezing or below."

If temps don't fall much lower than that, Collins said the salt should work better than it did during the snow even several weeks ago.

"You have a little bit of timeframe [after freezing temperatures hit] because the asphalt is holding a little heat in it."

"There wasn't nothin' on the roads, it was good," driver, Judy Gentry said of Monday's roads.

Gentry drove from Charleston to Cooke's Food Store in Cleveland, but she wasn't making a mad dash for the milk and bread. The only item on her list: sour cream for chili during the upcoming forecasted snow storm.

"Just staying at home, bundled up," she said.

Gentry has the right idea, according to the road department. Collins urges folks to stay home during inclement weather. When slick roads are clear of cars, he said it's easier for crews to more efficiently clear out any snow.

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