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VW employees prepare to vote on union representation

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Tensions are rising, as Volkswagen employees will be voting this week on union representation.

The plant will hold a three day vote, allowing workers to decide if they want the United Auto Workers union to set up shop.

Some top VW officials have already said they'd like to see a works council established. In the meantime, both sides have been very vocal as the vote approaches.

"I really want a say in this," said David Reed, VW employee.

In past interviews, VW workers have told Channel 3 there's been great build-up over a union vote.

After all the back and forth the end is almost near for VW employees to officially cast their vote, either for or against union representation.

On Saturday, an anti-union group held a meeting at the Embassy Suites  near the Hamilton Place Mall.

"The UAW says you will get this and the benefits will be better and then we will negotiate for you," said John Wright, VW Employee.

Many attending said they were confused over conflicting information they've received. Many feel there are many gray areas surrounding the employee benefit plans and what employees will make per hour.

On the flip side, other workers have joined the effort to bring UAW to Volkswagen.

"Co-determination is one of my main goals and also the fact that maybe we would have better job security," said Wright.

Workers like John Wright say the pay and working conditions are fine, but he wants better communication.

Sunday, UAW reps issued statements saying politicians and outside groups should stay out of union discussions and that the decision should be left up to workers.

The vote will take place February 12 - 14.

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