Hundreds of people turned out Saturday in Sale Creek, for the auction of Jack Brown's estate.

Brown's Tax Service in Soddy Daisy closed in 2012.

He was accused of taking millions of dollars from local investors and using the money to pay off other creditors.

Many wanted to see what their money bought. 

Everything of Jack Brown's, from homes, to cars and sporting equipment, was up for grabs.

"Our job is to sell everything, convert it to cash and get the most money possible that we can tender to the bankruptcy trustee," said Flipper McDaniel, Auctioneer.

"I mean, the only ones right now making money out of it is the lawyers and the accountants," said Wayne Hixson, Former friend of Jack Brown.

Wayne Hixson knew Jack Brown for 30 years. Like many in the crowd, he can't help but shake his head when he looks at all of the possessions Jack Brown bought with other people's money.

"It was one them deals you thought a person was one way and he wasn't. I just could not believe was he was doing," said Hixson.

"He took a lot of people's money that took their retirement, took their livelihood. I think that's a bad thing," said Johnny Housley, Invested with Jack Brown.

Johnny Housley gave Jack Brown $175,000 to invest. Little did Housley know, that money was gone as soon as he handed it over.

"I think for him to do people like he done them, people he knew, was real sorry," said Housley.

Brown passed away last August. It's still not clear if his son or wife will face any legal ramifications. For Housley, he's accepted the fact he'll never see his money again.

"How do I get it back? Will I ever get it back? Probably not," said Housley.

Investors gave Brown more than $4,000,000. Brown later admitted he used the money given to him by investors to pay off other creditors.

Those creditors are still owed more than $10,000,000. No word on how much money came out of Saturday's auction.