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Union vote at VW makes national news

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The talk surrounding next week's labor vote at Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant is heating up, and making national headlines.  As supporters, opponents, and outside groups try to make their points.

Friday, Southern Momentum, a group of VW workers, coordinated a question and answer session for colleagues who don't want the United Auto Workers at the Chattanooga's plant..

Another anti-union group erected billboards, critical of the UAW's legacy in Detroit and questioning its left leaning political connections.

The suggestion is the UAW would be bad for Volkswagen, its workers, and Chattanooga.

Chattanooga labor lawyer Maury Nicely took Southern Momentum's argument to CNBC Friday night. He chatted with Channel 3 after appearing on Kudlow and Company.

Maury Nicely, Southern Momentum Attorney Lawyer, "We know already that there are potential suppliers, potential businesses, considering looking at this area that are pausing, and they're watching, keenly, to see what's gonna happen in this election. And I think that tells you that voting-in the UAW could have significant implications for the long-term."

The Works Council Model up for a vote is new for the U.S.  The UAW claims it would "give workers an integral role in co-managing the company and providing input on workplace improvements."  That vote takes place next week from the 12th through the 14th.

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