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Chattanooga fire so far ruled suspicious

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Around nine o'clock Friday morning Chattanooga firefighters responded to a house fire at 613 Nye Circle. Thankfully no one was at home because it was a challenge getting into the house.

"When the first firefighters arrived they found smoke and flames showing from one corner of the house," says Chattanooga Fire Department Public Information Director Bruce Garner. "The house had been boarded up, so they had to force their way inside."

According to one of the firefighters it took only around 20 minutes to stop the fire. So far it seemed like a routine call, but they soon changed their minds.

"They believe the house had been vacant for approximately six months," a red flag says Garner. "Therefore, because of that, there's no real logical reason why a fire would break out. So the cause of the fire is suspicious in nature."

No storms had struck that morning so lightning isn't to blame. And although power lines still run to the house it's been confirmed the electricity had already been shut off.

A neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says he's always been suspicious of the people who own the property and doesn't believe the fire was an accident.

Garner says once the fire had been contained firefighters saw signs of a possible previous fire at the house that probably burned itself out.

"[A previous fire] was a surprise to them. To their knowledge they had not been to this house before," adds Garner. As a matter of fact, just hours after speaking to Garner he confirmed there is no record that a crew had ever been called to this house before Friday.

With no eyewitnesses or other evidence at this time calling it arson is still premature. Fire investigators have some work to do before drawing a conclusion.

"They've taken samples. They're trying to find the owner of the property. Then they'll go from there," explains Garner.

If you have any information about this suspicious fire please contact the Chattanooga Fire Department.

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