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Power crews travel north to aide with outages

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Several power crews from the region are joining crews from all over the United States as they work together to get the lights turned back on.

"It's something that's been in place for decades and electric utilities around the country know that when bad weather strikes they're going to need some help. So we're just part of the group that helps each other out," said John Pless, EPB Spokesperson.

Wednesday morning, crews traveled to Arkansas and Pennsylvania to help aide in their time of need.

"Everything that we're hearing is that there are hundreds of thousands of people that are in the dark. It's a critical situation because the power is out, it's bitter cold, they've had tremendous amounts of snow," said Pless.

8 crews, contracted out by EPB were sent.

Pless says they take many factors into consideration before send off.

"We make sure we have enough crews here to respond in the event we were to have bad weather," said Pless.

Whatever is left over, they will send out.  However, they try to keep them close by.

"If something were to happen here in this area, we need all hands on deck, those crews that were released need to be able to respond back here within a day's drive as well," said Pless.

Pless tells Channel 3 they're happy to help, and the aide is always reciprocated.

"When the tornadoes of 2011 devastated this particular area, up to 70 percent of the electric system was damaged in some way or another. We had electric crews from all over the country to help us out."

He says just like they helped us, our crews will work hard to help them.

"They'll stay up there until they get the job done, unless of course they get called back to Chattanooga," said Pless.

Elliot Electric, Advanced Power and Lighting Incorporated and Asplundh Tree Expert Company were the three companies contracted out by EPB.

Georgia power has also sent crews to Pennsylvania.

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