They are the picture of a happy family, but turn back the clock seven years and Vanessa Tripp wasn't so sure this would ever come into focus.
Vanessa Tripp says "We started trying for our first child soon after we got married."
But a year after trying naturally, Vanessa realized they needed medical help.  Just past 30, she was dealing with a problem a growing number of women are facing,.. infertility, so she turned to Dr. Joseph Bird at the Fertility Center in East Brainerd .
Dr. Joseph Bird says "I am seeing that,that's because a big push for a lot of patients in that age range and I believe it's due in part because they are more educated."
A recent study shows that between 12-15 percent of women between the ages of 25-44 have sought help with everything from counseling to artificial insemination when it comes to getting pregnant.
Dr. Bird says women can improve their egg quality by living a healthy lifestyle and not smoking.
Dr. Joseph Bird says "I want them to understand there are a lot of great options."

But Dr. Bird says after 35 those options decline.

Dr. Joseph Bird says "We see a lot of patients show up after 35 years of age and for those women there's a bigger struggle."
One of the most well known options is In vitro Fertilization, but Vanessa wanted to try one of the simpler methods first.  But after three unsuccessful attempts, she didn't hesitate, she knew In vitro Fertilization or IVF was their best chance of conceiving.
Vanessa Tripp says "It was a bit surprising I was having so much trouble."
The trouble didn't last much longer.  About a year later she gave birth to her first child.
About 18 months later they tried again to do IVF, but this time they went through two painful cycles.
Vanessa Tripp says "About two weeks into the pregnancy, we did an ultrasound and saw it wasn't growing and the embryo had passed away."
After giving herself some time, she decided to try it again.  It was well worth the wait.  Double the excitement  Vanessa gave
 birth to twins.
Vanessa Tripp says "I realized no matter how easy we think it is, every step is a miracle."

She should know, she has three of them.




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