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Berke issues order, and sets new bar for ethics for city employees

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Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke is holding city employes to a higher standard.

Berke issued his first "executive order," which Berke says will strengthen the City's existing Code of Ethics, ensuring that city employees understand the ethical obligations and the related consequences.

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In a news release, Berke said "I feel strongly, as does our community, that city employees must always make decisions in the best interest of our citizens. This Executive Order is a strong signal that any partial or conflicted behavior will not be tolerated in my administration."

Berke continued, saying "Through my Executive Order, I am holding City of Chattanooga employees to the highest ethical standards and clearly spelling out unacceptable behavior in my administration. I will not tolerate the use of public office for private gain."

The executive order seeks to clarify the existing Code of Ethics ordinance, by adding:

  • Ethics Pledge for Mayor's Staff, Appointed positions, and board appointments
  • Duty to Report that clearly requires employees to report any known wrongdoing
  • Employee Contracts are required to have an added Ethics provision
  • Access to Ethics training for all employees

The order goes into effect immediately, with the changes to the City Ordinance to be presented to City Council on February 11.

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