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UPDATE: Trial continues in 2011 train deaths

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Lisa Barnes, mother of Hannah Barnes, is suing the local Hennen Restaurant Group for $25 million in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Barnes says her 19-year-old daughter drank alcohol at the restaurant hours before she and her manager, Michael Hennen, 27, were killed by a train near McDonald Farm in August of 2011.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Sara Sidery is in the courtroom covering the case. Follow her on twitter @SaraSideryWRCB for the latest in this case.

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WARNING: Some readers may find this testimony to be graphic, given the nature of today's proceedings.

Lisa showed texts with Hannah, saying she was with Michael that night. Lisa to daughter: "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Sue Markley, Lisa Barnes' friend, on the stand. Sue had to break news of Hannah Barnes' death to her friend.

Barnes atty: How impaired would you have to be to lay on a railroad track? King: you wouldn't have to be.

King testifying. Barnes' attorney focus on his statements of unreliable blood sample & any relation to Hennen life insurance policy.

Judge: still several stages in trial, he wants jury to decide. If he disagrees w jury's verdict, he can set it aside.

Judge denied defense motion for directed verdict, claimed no evidence Hennen gave Barnes alcohol; wasn't in scope of employment.

#HennenTrial will resume at 1:30.

King doesn't think lab BAC results were bad. Just no medical confidence in exact BAC at time of deaths due to trauma severity.

Barnes' BAC was .07 & Hennen's was .08. TN legal limit is .08. King says any police officer would know that's more than one drink.

King: better way of judging impairment is asking friends/family how they act after 3 beers. Post-death BAC not best indicator.

King: wreck video shows injuries consistent w train wreck. "I don't think you can say whether either one were impaired or not."

King: couple was embracing, appeared asleep, no effort to move. No indication foul play or suicide, appeared accidental.

King saw wreck video "When someone's hit by a train, best thing to do is watch it happen." Helps decide accident, suicide, etc.

King: didn't perform autopsies; budget problems & such severe trauma "wasn't much left." No medical certainty of BAC levels.

Dr. Frank Knox King (defense witness) on the stand. Hamilton Co. Medical examiner at time of train wreck deaths.

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