Project progress or traffic snafu?

A big milestone in the construction project on Highway 27 is cause for concern for some drivers.

The Signal Mountain Road exit is now fully operational, complete with a traffic light, but motorists are not happy, with complaints pouring out on social media.

It's a $105 million dollar project and after the recent lane shift, it's caused a few delays in traffic.
"Early in the morning and coming this time of day, people really hate it," said Bob Dean.

Jennifer Flynn with TDOT says the lane shift happened on Sunday and is a part of a project that has been going on since 2011.

"They've been working to build it for a while. They finished part of it, so they opened that new part up. Anyone that wants to go north bound and access Signal Mountain or Dayton Blvd now has to take this ramp that has a signal light on it," said Flynn.

While some may consider it an inconvenience, Flynn says it won't last forever.

"We want to assure people this is a temporary situation and if they can just be patient with us for about 60 days," said Flynn.

She says the wait will be worth it.

She showed Channel 3 the picture of the final project, and it showed the current off ramp being a single, left hand turn-only lane, going towards Dayton Blvd.

Those wanting to go towards Signal Mountain will have a free flow access ramp.

"We waited as late in the project as we could to do this, but we have to do it. Now is the time," said Flynn.

In the meantime, Flynn says TDOT is working to make the current situation better, by adjusting the times on the red lights to allow traffic to move more smoothly.
"We never know until we turn it on. People use it and we say we'll it's working great or it's not working; too long too short of a signal and then we can't see how our adjustments work until the next rush hour," said Flynn.

TDOT is encouraging drivers to use the Morrison Springs exit to help with the congestion at Signal Mountain Road.