The extremely cold winter is pushing propane prices higher in some parts of the country.  But a local franchise owner says that's not the case around Chattanooga.

Several governors including Georgia's and Tennessee's have warned against price gouging.  This comes after a 33-percent spike in the national average in just one week.  But according to the president of local Ace Hardware stores, local propane prices are up just 20-percent while the amount he has to pay the wholesaler is up about 80-percent.

Tom Glenn, president of local Ace Hardware, "Where there's been a lot of talk out there about gouging, in actuality, we have absorbed a lot of the cost increase in the last several months and have been hesitant to raise it."

Last week, Tennessee loosened transportation rules to allow propane haulers to make their deliveries.   That is designed to help keep the supply up and the prices down.