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Snow leaves travelers stranded at airports

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It's been a rough couple of days for people trying to make their way home after Mother Nature caused a domino effect, leaving thousands stranded in airports across the U.S.

"Places ran out of food, people were sleeping in isles and on seats. The line to get off the flights seemed to be wrapped around the buildings," says Ken Morgan.

A Chattanooga local, Morgan found himself right in the middle of all the chaos while he was trying to connect in Atlanta Monday night.

When bad weather threatened, Morgan was handed a voucher to cash-in at a near-by hotel. He didn't sleep at the airport but says, the hotel airline rep arranged for him to sleep at the Marriott. 

"God smiled down on me.  I got a room at the Marriott when they canceled my flight.  So at least I didn't have to sleep in the airport."

He said they ran out of food within the first few hours customers arrived.

"I ate protein bars for two days and didn't sleep well. I am happy to go home. I have good food in the refrigerator."

Morgan's flight arrived yesterday at noon, but there are still several delays across the country. 

A good resource to locate flight arrival and departure times can be found by clicking this link.

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