A family of five narrowly escaped from a house fire in Cleveland Thursday morning. The man who went back inside to rescue his grandmother is in serious condition with severe burns.

The fire broke out around 5:45 a.m. in the 900 block of Lang Dr. SE.

"It's gone, there is nothing left," Ruby Hartness said.

Hartness woke up in a panic Thursday morning. She said smoke was everywhere, and flames were quickly spreading inside her home.

"I couldn't see anything, it was all black smoke," said Hartness, who quickly grabbed her two young daughters and got them outside.

"I was scared," said 6-year-old Bentley.

Bentley and her older sister, Jetta, watched as their mom went back inside the burning home to help rescue her uncle and grandma.

Hartness said she woke up her uncle, who was sleeping on the couch right next to the flames. They then raced to grab their grandma, who was still trapped in the other side of the home.

"We had to go around back to her to her room because the front was full of flames."

He was able to carry her outside, but suffered severe burns and needed to be airlifted to a burn unit in Atlanta. Hartness' grandmother suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital later in the afternoon.

She said they're all lucky to be here now.

"It's just us and clothes we had on."

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire.

The family is asking for clothing donations. They escaped from the fire with no coats or shoes. Call (423) 255-0907 or (423) 790-8066.

Their clothing sizes and details are:

  • Bentley: girl's size 5/6 clothes, size 10/11 shoes
  • Jetta: girl's size 6/7 girl's clothes, size 11 shoes
  • Ruby: women's size large shirts, size 16 pants, size 8/9 shoes
  • Grandmother: women's size 20-22 plus (dresses only), size 8 shoes