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Local Good Samaritans help strangers during bad weather

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Many drivers who were forced to abandon their cars, had to walk home or get towed. While emergency responders worked around the clock to help people out of dangerous situations, there were average citizens who stepped up to help, too.

The bad driving conditions actually brought out the good in some people all over the Tennessee Valley who helped perfect strangers get to safety.

"I thought there's really some good people in this world," Teane Harden said.

Teane Harden delivers newspapers on Signal Mountain.

"I'd get just enough up the hill and I'd start to slide back down," she said.

Road conditions only allowed her to run about a sixth of her route Wednesday before getting stuck.

"I think I tried that 7-8 times and finally a Good Samaritan came out and decided he would help shovel all the snow off the hill that the kids were playing on," Harden said.

She didn't know the men who dug her out. They weren't even newspaper subscribers.

"If it weren't for you, I'd probably be still down there possibly sleeping in my car," she said, hoping the men see this story.

An East Ridge mail carrier had a similar experience. Six neighbors ran to her rescue.

"Me and a coupe guys had to lift up the front end of the car to push it of the ditch. We don't even know who she was or what her name was but we're all human beings and we all just want to help each other out," East Ridge resident Jimmy Lee Tucker said.

There have been countless people with that same mentality throughout our area. The stories are piling up on Channel 3's Facebook page.

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