A group of Chattanooga voters are calling in to question the motives of a councilman, they say, seems to be pushing his own agenda.

A petition is waiting to be approved by the Hamilton County Election Commission.

The proposed petition is calling to oust current Councilman Chris Anderson. They say his politics don't match up with the people he's serving.

"He came here and he asked for our support from us here at this store and we gave him that support; me and the community gave him that support," said Mahmood Abdullah.

You may remember Chris Anderson's platform as he ran for Chattanooga city councilman in 2013.

"I'm running because I think the people of Chattanooga deserve safe streets, good jobs and strong neighborhoods. My first priority as soon as I take office will be to connect people with living wage jobs so they can provide for their families, and make sure that all of our communities are safe and no one feels afraid to be in their own home," said Anderson.

However, a group of the people he represents in District 7 say those words aren't being backed up.
"I don't see anything relating to helping the schools, slowing down the crime or getting jobs for the area; making better housing. I don't see any of that being done for this area," said Alfred Johnson, Pastor at The Church of the First.    

Johnson says Anderson has only pushed his own agenda, sponsoring the domestic partnership proposal. One that Anderson believes is good for the city.

"I think it's really important that Chattanooga sets an example to be a progressive city so we can be a model for other cities in the way that we treat our employees," said Anderson.

Now they're asking a petition be approved in efforts to remove Anderson from the council and these residents say it has nothing to do with Anderson's sexual orientation.

"We knew that, when the sign was put up we knew what he was, it didn't have nothing to do with that," said Abdullah.

Johnson says it has everything to do with making a better life for their community.

"People are tired; they want something for their children. They want to educate their kids, people want to have play grounds. I'm not going to say he can do all of that, but he hasn't addressed any of it," said Abdullah.

We tried several times to reach Councilman Anderson, but had no luck.

The petition is set to be reviewed by the Hamilton County Election Commission on February 15th.

If approved, they will need 1,600 signatures, which is 15 percent of the registered voters in the 7th district.