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Hundreds of tires illegally dumped across McMinn County

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Massive piles of tires are showing up across McMinn County. More than 500 tires were recovered Monday.

Sheriff Joe Guy said the piles of tires were discovered in rural areas throughout the county -- on farm properties, wooded areas, or simply on the side of the road.

"Some less reputable tire dealers will illegally dump tires sometimes," Guy said.

Investigators believe the same person or group of people is behind the illegal tire dumping that happened over the weekend.

"This does happen periodically when disposal rates go up," said Guy.

County landfill workers said the difference comes down to a few bucks. Several months ago, tire disposal fees rose from $86/ton to $91/ton for unregistered dealers.

If you have any information about the illegal dumping, call McMinn County Sheriff's Office.

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