Some criminals are always looking with the next thing to steal, but some local thieves may have reached a new low. Someone stole a mobile church in North Georgia over the weekend. Church members hope someone is able to help lead investigators to their trailer full of equipment.      

The Springs Church is a mobile church in Ringgold. That means they don't have a building all their own, rather trailers full of equipment. Every Sunday spend hours setting up and then later packing up everything they use to host church service inside the Catoosa Colonnade. Only this Sunday, almost all of it was gone.

"Our trailers are parked right over here. We actually found where they'd broken the lock," The Springs Church Pastor Danny Eiler said.

Pastor Danny Eiler has been hosting mobile church services in Ringgold for the last two and a half years. The Springs Church has between 75 and 100 people in the congregation every Sunday, but when the setup crew arrived last Sunday, their equipment was nowhere to be found.

"The very first thing is what are we going to do," Pastor Eiler said.

He says thieves got away with around $25,000 of equipment in the around eight feet long, white trailer. The thieves spared their other trailer. It only held kid stuff, signs and coffee.

"The one that was stolen was the one that holds all our sounds equipment, our lighting equipment, our drums, our pipe and drape, all the stuff that is valuable that we use on a regular basis for worship service," Eiler said.

Terry Beaver lives across from the Catoosa Colonnade, where it was parked.

"I see cars come and go over there and I occasionally see them sitting and I take notice of them, and every once in awhile I drive by and write down the tag numbers, but I just missed that one," neighbor Terry Beaver said.

Church members suspect it was stolen in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

"We don't have the money to replace a lot of that stuff so for it to be found for anyone to be able to help us, would just be incredible," Eiler said.

Neighbors like Terry, say they're struck by the coldness of this crime.

"I wouldn't have a lot of sympathy for somebody like that," Beaver said.

But Pastor Eiler has this message for the culprit...

"I know if you're gong to do something like that you've got to be at a tough place in your life, so what I want you to know more than anything is that Jesus loves you and we forgive you," Eiler said.

Eiler says some local churches have already contacted him about helping with donations.

The trailer is around 8 feet long and 8 feet tall, white and comes to a "V" in the front. It did have a The Springs Church magnet on it, but they figure that's been tossed.

If you have any information on where the church's stolen trailer may be, contact Detective Alan Miles or Captain Chris Lyons with the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office (706)935-2424.