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Over 50 people displaced after East Brainerd apartment fire

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Dozens of people are trying to figure out their next step, after their homes went up in flames.

Around 75 people lost everything when the Carriage Parc Apartments in East Brainerd caught fire early Friday morning.

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Residents were back Saturday, watching as crews boarded up exposed windows and tapped off the front near building 14. 

To keep thieves from stealing and to keep everyone around safe.

"It's standard procedure, plus it's still a dangerous place to be. They don't want residents going back in there and getting hurt," said a Security Guard.

Over 10 construction workers began boarding up any exposed windows and openings destroyed by the fire that burned over 50 units Friday.

Security guards were also close by, making sure no-one enters the property until the fire marshal gives the green light.

They're also making sure no one takes anything that doesn't belong to them.

"These people already are displaced out of their house. Now they have to worry about what little they have left here.  That is just not right," said Homeowner.

Several residents told Channel 3 they noticed suspicious activity in the parking lot towards the back fence overnight. That made them feel criminals were planning to target building 14 which was hit the hardest by the blaze.

The whole left side of that structure is completely open to the elements.  The walls are burnt down to the ground and the roof is caved in.

This could have been a tempting opportunity for thieves, that is until the 24 hour surveillance overlooking the damaged area was added, combined with all the yellow tape and wooden boards.

"I can't believe what happened.  You hear about this all the time happening elsewhere, its just terrible," said a Neighbor.

The Red Cross is still helping assist many displaced residents impacted by that fire. They set up a shelter at the East Brainerd Church of Christ that stayed open all day Saturday.

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