The below-freezing temperatures were causing concerns for some local school districts Friday, forcing several area schools to take the day off.

But Cleveland City Schools said it wasn't due to the freezing temperatures outside -- it was the cold temperatures inside one of the buildings.

"It is freezing, especially in the morning," said Cleveland High School junior, Drake Reece.

Reece said it's been a cold week at school -- not just outside, but inside the building, especially during show choir class.

He said the choir didn't have a dress rehearsal all week because it was too cold to wear their costumes.

On Thursday night, the inside temperatures dipped too low, prompting the school district to say "No School" on Friday as a result.

"We had some sensors showing us it was 60 degrees in the [high school] commons area," said Superintendent Martin Ringstaff.

He said the school's maintenance crew was able to fix the problem Friday morning. Workers blamed an overworked heating system from a freezing week.

"In hindsight, we could have been in school [Friday] because it was a very quick fix," said Ringstaff. "But we couldn't take the chance of having students walk around cold all day, because if they're cold, they're not learning."

Cold classrooms were a concern for Reece's mom, Christy Wells-Reece.

"I don't want my child or other children coming home sick or colds being spread, and it being cold in the classroom," she said.

The heat is back up and running in the show choir room and throughout the high school's commons area. But with a freezing week ahead, teachers are still warning kids to bring their coats.

"Because it is cold," Ringstaff said. "The idea of coming outside without a coat on anyway doesn't make sense."