A 16-year-old cold case may be solved as of  today.

At an afternoon news conference, Chattanooga Police announced a murder indictment against Adolphus Hollingsworth, the estranged husband of Victoria Witherspoon Carr.

The arrest in the case was made with the help of a television show, TNT's "Cold Justice," a series that explores so-called cold cases.

Victoria Witherspoon Carr disappeared in August of 1997, after tucking her young children into bed for the night.

Almost two years later, a dog uncovered a human skull in the area of east Chattanooga known as Billy Goat Hill. The subsequent search uncovered the skeletal remains of then-28-year-old Carr.

She was found in her nightgown, underneath four tires. The evidence was then sent to crime labs for further investigation.

Medical examiners determined Carr had been stabbed to death, and found a fair amount of gasoline inside her car.

They said the gasoline could have been used to cover the blood, or possibly to burn the vehicle.

Medical examiners determined that she had been stabbed to death.

Hollingsworth now lives in Texas, and extradition process is underway to bring him back to Chattanooga.

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