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Knoxville waitress gets $1,075 tip when needed most

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KNOXVILLE, TN (WBIR) -- A Knoxville waitress says she is still in shock after a seemingly normal customer tipped her $1,075 on Wednesday night. Her coworkers say the generous gratuity proves good things happen to good people.

Khadijah Muhammad showed up at her job at Cheddar's on Clinton Highway on Wednesday afternoon and provided her typical solid service with a smile. Service is something Muhammad has devoted her life to both on and off the job. When she is not working as a server, she's making homemade pies, muffins, soup, and delivering it to the homeless on her own.

"I'll stop and say, 'Hey, do you want some soup? You want a cup of hot soup? People are so thankful. I like pleasing people," said Muhammad.

Her routine of service came to a standstill earlier this month when Muhammad's mother in Ohio suffered a heart attack.

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