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Local DJ on national television

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A local radio DJ was in the national spotlight Wednesday night playing the part of, well, a Chattanooga radio DJ, only on a network television show.

Gator Harrison is a disc jockey at US-101, but Wednesday night he was an actor. Folks watching the show "Nashville" might have recognized a familiar face, if not his voice. Gator says it was a once in a lifetime experience that he couldn't pass up.  

"They asked me to be a disc jockey on a radio station in Chattanooga, so I mean, they pretty much said be yourself and hopefully I didn't screw that up too bad," Gator Harrison said.

He got the gig after sending in an audition shot on a cell phone. The next thing he knew, he had his own makeup trailer and was rubbing elbows with the stars of the TV drama "Nashville".
"I thought the director was going to sit down with me and say 'hey this is what's going to happen. We know you're not used to doing this.' None of that. He put me on my mark and said 'action' and I'm like oh ok," Gator said.

His part was interviewing one of the show's fictional country music acts in a fictional Chattanooga radio station, which was complete with posters showing the Scenic City's name.  

"I think I'm more excited about the spotlight being on Chattanooga on national light because it deserves it. I really don't," he said.

Gator says he loves his job of playing country music for the Tennessee Valley.

"The passion for country music in Chattanooga is just immeasurable and unequalled," Gator said.

But he's still in shock that his passion for radio led him to this once in a lifetime experience on national television.

"To go and go through hair and make up and see what a behind the scenes set is and how many takes they go through and different angles they shoot, completely blessed for the experience," he said.

Gator says he only caused one re-take on his scene. He shot it a couple days before Thanksgiving.

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