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Butter is making a comeback

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When you walk into Janet's Cafe, there is something familiar about it. This is comfort food and some of it wouldn't be the same without butter.

"The butter just reacts better in the recipes plus it tastes better."

"I tried the margarine but I didn't like the taste. I prefer real butter. In moderation it's good."

But butter has gone through a rough patch over the years.

"About 30-40 years ago when I went to more margarine, cooking with more margarine trying to find substitutes for butter because at that time they came out with butter was supposed to be bad for you."

Health experts steered people away from butter, pushing butter substitutes, more alternative oils and margarine.

"You know I miss the taste of butter, I really do, but the "I can't believe it's not butter" kind of substitutes and gives you the fix that you need."

But new reports show that butter is bouncing back. That butter consumption in 2013 reached its highest level in 40 years. Part of the reason, a shift against processed foods, artificial ingredients and certain Trans fats.

"I think they look into their foods and what's in it. I really think that, and with the chemicals in all those margarine's and all those fake butters, what's in there."

"Now according to the American Butter Association, we eat about 5.6 pounds of butter a year. but that's nothing, back in the 1930's your grandfather used to eat 18 pounds of butter a year."

"I like butter over margarine."

But we'll probably never eat that amount of butter again. In fact, Janet's Cafe finds older customers ask for butter much more than their younger customers. Still the move back to butter is a comfort to some.

"We don't have much margarine in our house, real butter. It's the only way to go."

The change in consumer preference has a lot to do the ongoing debate about the benefits and risks of all types of fats.  Many experts are saying that butter may not be as bad as once suspected.  Some even say a little butter can be part of a healthy diet.

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