Buford King has been suffering from allergies for nearly 25 years. From a stuffy nose to watery eyes to painful headaches, he's experienced it all. "I'm allergic to every grass their is in Louisiana and then the dust, a lot of dust I have trouble with."

But after today it's likely King may never experience a sinus infection again thanks to a procedure known as balloon sinuplasty.

"Hopefully it'll be over with and I can breathe."

The procedure has been around for a few years, but thanks to advancements in technology it can now be done in the doctor's office instead of the hospital. The doctors at Red River ENT are among some of the first in Cenla to do it.

Dr. Renick Webb, Ear, nose and throat doctor, "This is one of the first things in a long time that has really been a game changer."

After numbing the sinus area, Doctor Webb inserts a small balloon into each sinus cavity, inflates it, and takes it back out.

"You're not removing tissue you're moving tissue over permanently with the balloon so you're dilating those sinus openings to let them flow properly."

For 95 percent of those receiving the sinuplasty- it will be a permanent fix to allergy problems. King noticed a difference immediately.

Buford King, suffers from allergies, "I can breathe easier now then when he first started because I was still semi-plugged I guess."

It's an innovative medical procedure that allows allergy sufferers here in Cenla to pay a visit to the doctor- often for the very last time.

Dr. Renick Webb, Ear, nose and throat doctor, "that you can do something non-surgical, office-based and the recovery is very quick and get a really good result."

The procedure only takes about ten minutes, and patients can return to work the next day.