A bill could be filed in Georgia as early as this week to legalize marijuana for medical purposes immediately.

If it is passed, Georgia would become the first state in the southeast to do so.  That's the ultimate goal of most of the lobbyists on the steps of Georgia's capitol.  While they don't expect that to happen any time soon, they are encouraged that the legislature is looking at possibly legalizing it for certain medical uses.

Republican State Senator Josh McKoon of Columbus recently introduced a bill for a one year study committee, but Peake thinks Georgia needs to act right away.

State Representative Allen Peake, (R) Macon, "There are families that are leaving our state to go to Colorado because they need access to this medical cannabis. There are children that are suffering that if we waited a year to do a study commission may not live."

A group called CARE, or the Campaign for Access, Reform and Education delivered 15,000 signatures in a petition drive for the legalization of medical marijuana. They say medical and recreational usage are separate issues.