We have an update on this case from January 22nd. Collegedale Police Detective Jamie Heath tells us two tipsters from Crime Stoppers hotline identified the suspect as being Danna Rayne Morrison. That allowed officers to obtain warrants which were served on Morrison while she was looking at apartments in Chattanooga. It has been a good week for the Crime Stoppers program with at least two ID's and two arrests.


In this week's case, we are looking for a woman. "She does not look like the typical suspect," said Collegedale Police Detective Jamie Heath. Her crimes are not exactly typical, either. Police say she is committing fraud, stealing checks and identities, and needs to be stopped.

Her victim was an elderly gentleman from Cleveland, Tennessee. His checks were passed at the Collegedale Walmart, which is where we got some of our many surveillance photos. "Two other checks that were counterfeited were passed off at Big Lots in Chattanooga and Academy Sports in Chattanooga," added Det. Heath.

She had apparently copied his account and routing numbers and fabricated checks to look like they were from Wells Fargo Bank. She even used a driver's license name and number out of West Virginia. "So, whoever our suspect is," explained Heath, "they're walking around with somebody else's ID that's making them a victim in addition to our elderly male, our original victim here in Cleveland."

Neither he nor his family recognize the woman who appears middle-aged or older with short gray hair. "He doesn't have a caretaker or anything that we would presume that this might come from," Heath said. "He does not know, so I don't know where/how she got his checks."

We are hoping you will recognize her, her appearance, her somewhat distinct clothing, or maybe her vehicles. She has been seen driving a light blue color Ford Windstar van and, more recently, a newer model silver Jeep Patriot. This vehicle has a handicapped parking placard hanging on the rear view mirror. "We're hoping that somebody's gonna be able to put these images together with those vehicles and be able to tell us who this suspect is," said the detective.

There is up to $1,000 reward cash available for the right bit of information.

If you know this woman, or anything about her or her crimes, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

In this program you maintain your anonymity. No one will ever know it was you who made the call; not you family, your friends, the suspect, or police. An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.