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Body found in Sequatchie River in Marion County

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An off duty officer spotted the body, while on the Sequatchie river in Whitwell.
The man's body has already been sent to Nashville for an autopsy, where the TBI will begin their investigation.
It was a typical morning for Mary and Dan Cartwright who have lived on their quiet farm in Marion County for 20 years.
"I was on the phone with a friend in Indiana. We were talking about some stuff, and I heard Dan's phone ring.  I didn't get to it, I ignored it."

But when the phone rang a second time.

"I was like Carolyn, just a minute. And I picked it up, and it was the Marion County 911 wanting to know if this was our address and if they could speak to Dan."

Cartwright tells Channel-3 police wanted to enter onto their property to access the Sequatchie River that runs through it, after an off duty officer found a body floating in the water.

"And I said, that's fine come on up."

Cartwright says she and her husband typically check on their property, but hadn't been down to the river in a few weeks.  "It's been so cold, and we've had so much rain and our bottom sits on the river and it floods every year if the river gets out.  And so we have not even really been down there a great deal cause it's been so wet. And yesterday or today would have been a perfect day because it was so pretty."

"Dan and I both said, you know what we were thinking we hadn't been down there in a while we really need to go down there again. We should go to the bottom, now I'm glad we didn't."

She hopes the discovery leads to healing.

"To be really honest, I hope it gives the family closure, but I'm really glad we didn't find it."
The investigation is on going.

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