(WXIA) At first glance, it looks like a normal house on a nice street in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

But taped on the door is a sign from the Gwinnett County Health Department, labeling the home an imminent health hazard.

It's because the house is full of bats, dozens of them, that likely won't be leaving anytime soon.

Animal Control came and removed the bats, but Johnson knew the ordeal was not over; he still heard the scratching noises.

"I could hear them in the garage, in the bedroom above where we slept," he remembered.

"Further looking outside, they were coming in the chimney, they were coming both ends of the house. They were even coming under the house."

It was so bad that when Johnson called animal control again in late December, animal control called the health department, whose workers took videos and pictures of the bats. The home was declared a health hazard, unfit for occupation or entry until the bats are out of the living area.

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