The Sheriff's race in Bradley County is heating up, with current Bradley County Sheriff Jim Ruth sending a letter to the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance criticizing his opponent, Tennessee State Rep. Eric Watson.

Ruth's letter charges that in Watson's fundraising, the former state representative "has acted both unethically and even illegally."

The primary focus of the letter says that Watson may have been running for the Bradley County Sheriff's post at virtually the same time he was seeking re-election as a Tennessee State representative.

Ruth states "that Watson says he was running for sheriff all along and yet continued to collect tens of thousands of dollars toward a state representative race."

In October of 2013, Watson, who was the chairman of the House Criminal Justice Committee, said he wouldn't seek re-election choosing to instead run for sheriff of Bradley County.

This letter marks yet another point of contention between the two men; Ruth says Watson "was terminated for cheating on his time sheet and for lying."

Watson says he resigned from his post as Captain at the Bradley County Sheriff's Office.

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