After nearly a week without clean running water, residents in a North Georgia community are wondering when the water will run clean again.

In McCaysville, Ga. and across the state line in Copperhill, Tenn., residents have been under a boil order since Friday.

"Knowing that I'm taking a bath in sediment, oh my gosh, it's just horrible," said McCaysville resident, Susie Holgerson.

Normal tasks are daunting tasks in Helgerson's home after five days without running water.

"Everything is bottled water," said Holgerson, who has more than a dozen gallon jugs full of water at home.

Last week's freezing temperatures broke water mains throughout the area.

"At one time we were losing a million gallons of water a day," said EMA volunteer, Rob Posner.

Posner has been handing out free water from a 6-thousand-gallon tanker in City Park in McCaysville since Sunday.

Robin Kornet and her neighbors have been filling up.

"I have to boil my water before I do anything," Kornet said. "Before I can give my kids a bath, before I can cook, before I even make coffee in the morning."

Kornet is a local dog groomer, and said she had to close shop for a few days due to her faucets pouring out brown water.

"I couldn't run the water because I was scared for the dogs," she said.

Jerry Daves, McCaysville, was also filling up empty water containers Tuesday. However, he said his home's problems haven't been as serious as others.

"We had some odor in the water, but it only lasted a few hours," said Daves.

But as for Helgerson, her spirits won't lift until the boil order does.

"I'm older, I'm disabled. And it's just hard on me."

Crews have been working to repair broken mains, but the city says it does not know when the boil order can be lifted.